Minister D'Arcy in Limerick to promote regional financial services



Today Michael D'Arcy TD, Minister of State for financial services is in Limerick to consult with stakeholders on his IFS 2020 Strategy priority to increase investment and employment into regional hubs.

Taking in bilateral meetings with IDA and Enterprise Ireland client companies, and a series of roundtables with local authority and academic experts Minister D'Arcy is eager to emphasise the win-win of forging closer links between Dublin and regional hubs,

"Yes, the IFS 2020 Strategy is on target to add 10,000 jobs to this sector's workforce by end-2019.  And yes, with 30% of employment in this sector outside Dublin there is a strong base to work off. Do I believe more can be done, the answer is most definitely yes. By focussing on 4-5 existing regional clusters of financial service activities and better aligning them with investment in infrastructure and local academic centres of expertise we have an opportunity to draw talent and investment to these regions from both Dublin and further afield."

This programme, the first in Limerick, continues a series of programmes undertaken by his predecessors in the North-east, the South-west and West of the country. Minister D'Arcy will follow this up with programmes in Cork later this month and Letterkenny and the South-east in September before travelling to the UK, US and mainland Europe later in the Autumn to promote the 'IFS Ireland' brand and offering.

Commenting on his upcoming programme of activities Minister D'Arcy noted,

" In the weeks since my appointment I have learned much from largely Dublin-based stakeholders, now I must engage with the regions to inform my thinking on the mid-term review of the Government Strategy.  Not least given how Brexit compels us to rethink how this incredibly fluid situation will fundamentally alter our alignments within Europe, with the UK and beyond.

In the coming weeks, officials from the Department of Finance’s International Finance Division will begin to liaise with stakeholders through the IFS2020 framework and begin consideration of this review together with measures for Action Plan 2018."



17 July, 2017

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