Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Lenihan, T.D., announces publication of the Financial Measures (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2009


The Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Lenihan TD, today (12th, June,2009) announced that the Government had approved the publication of the Financial Measures (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2009. The Bill consists of the following provisions:

  • Amendment of the Credit Institutions (Financial Support) Act 2008 to facilitate longer-term debt issuance by participating institutions of up to 5 years maturity in accordance with the Minister’s Supplementary Budget Statement on 7 April. Access to longer-term funding in line with the mainstream approach in the EU will contribute significantly to supporting the funding needs of the participating institutions, to securing their continued stability and also to enhancing their potential to discharge their central role in facilitating economic activity. The introduction of a Scheme to guarantee certain debt securities beyond 29 September 2010 requires Oireachtas approval under section 6 (4) of the Act and EU State aid approval.
  • A technical provision to provide legal certainty that all existing direct debit mandates (over 100 million a year) will continue to have effect when transferred from the Irish direct debit scheme to the new pan-European SEPA scheme from the beginning of November onwards. Industry and consumers need this clarity well in advance of the 1 November deadline. Otherwise there would be major disruption to cash-flows for utilities (ESB, Bord Gáis etc), insurance companies, mortgage providers, clubs etc. This provision will help to avoid a considerable and unnecessary administrative burden on consumers and businesses if these mandates had to be individually re-signed to enable migration to occur.
  • A provision for the transfer of the pension fund assets in the Universities and certain State Bodies to the National Pension Reserve Fund, which gives effect to the announcement in the Supplementary Budget. These assets will be managed by the NTMA as part of the Reserve Fund. After the transfer, the pensions in those Bodies will be met on a pay-as-you-go basis. It is intended that the transfers will take place in 2009 and 2010.
  • A provision making technical amendments to the Prospectus Directive Regulations 2005 and the Investment Funds, Companies and Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2005 in order to protect the Exchequer by removing the requirement to take responsibility for, and legal liability on the Minister for Finance as guarantor of certain debt securities in relation to the accuracy of, information contained in prospectuses that relate to such securities.
  • An amendment to the Central Bank Act 1989 to clarify that any acquisition coming within the scope of the Directive 2007/44/EC on the Prudential Assessment of Acquisitions in the Financial Sector will not also be subject to the provisions of that Act.
  • Amendments to the Insurance (No 2) Act 1983 and the Insurance Act 1989 will address a regulatory gap. Currently the Financial Regulator can present a petition to the High Court for the administration of a non-life insurance undertaking and the appointment of an administrator. There is no similar provision for life and reinsurance companies and this provision will address that deficiency.
  •  A technical amendment to the Netting of Financial Contracts Act 1995 that clarifies the application of that Act for netting agreements where one party to the agreement has created a security interest in favour of a third party.

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  • 20.02.07

    The Minister for Finance, Mr. Brian Cowen T.D., today (Tuesday 20. February 2007) welcomed the fact that Ireland is one of the first Member States to fully transpose the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, or “MIFID” as it has come to be known. This has been achieved with the close assistance of the Financial Regulator and strong co-operation from industry.

  • 19.02.07

    The Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Cowen TD, today (Monday, 19 February 2007) published, on the Department of Finance website, the results of the 2006 Review of the Business Expansion Scheme (BES) and Seed Capital Scheme (SCS).

  • 15.02.07

    The Minister for Finance, Mr Brian Cowen TD, announced today (15 February, 2007) that he has appointed Mr Maurice Keane to be a member of the National Pensions Reserve Fund Commission.

    Mr Keane is former Chief Executive and member of the Court of Directors of the Bank of Ireland.

  • 08.02.07
    • Leis an bhFondúireacht Airgeadais Shóisialta atá á sheoladh ag an Aire Airgeadais, Brian Ó Comhain, soláthrófar maoiniú i gcomhair airgeadais a bheidh in-aisíoctha ar rátaí inacmhainne le haghaidh tionscadail shóisialta agus forbartha agus fiontraíocht phobail
    • Fuarthas €25 milliún de shíolmhaoiniú ó earnáil bhaincéireachta na hÉireann
  • 08.02.07
    • Social Finance Foundation launched by Minister for Finance, Brian Cowen, T.D. will provide funding for repayable finance at affordable rates for social and developmental projects and community enterprise
    • €25 million in seed funding secured from Irish banking sector
    • Board of Social Finance Foundation to be chaired by Peter Quinn


  • 04.02.07

    The Minister for Finance, Brian Cowen, TD, today (Sunday 4 February) published, on the Department of Finance website, the Report of the Review Group on longer-term lending limits as provided for by section 35 of the Credit Union Act 1997.

  • 01.02.07

    Fógraíonn an tAire Airgeadais Brian Ó Comhain T.D.

    ·        Go bhfuil an Bille Airgeadais 2007 bunaithe ar pholasaithe forásacha an Rialtais chun cothromaíocht a chur chun cinn sa chóras cánachais ionas gur féidir leis na cáiníocóirí go léir, go háirithe na saothróirí ar íseal- agus ar mheán-ioncaim, tairbhe a bhaint as fás eacnamaíoch láidir.

  • 01.02.07

    Finance Bill 2007

    Minister for Finance, Brian Cowen T.D., announces

    ·        Finance Bill 2007 is grounded on the Government’s progressive policies promoting fairness in the tax system so that the benefits of strong economic growth can be enjoyed by all taxpayers, especially low and middle income earners

  • 26.01.07

    Speaking today (26 January 2007) at the Launch of “A Guide to the Midland Region” by the Midland Regional Authority, the Minister for Finance, Brian Cowen, TD, stated that the Opposition’s response to the National Development Plan 2007 – 2013 has been niggardly.

  • 18.01.07

    Inniu d’fhógair an tAire Airgeadais, Brian Ó Comhain, TD, gur chinn sé Anne Counihan Uasal a ainmniú mar Stiúrthóir de chuid an Bhainc Eorpaigh Atógála agus Forbartha (BEAF). Beidh an banuasal Counihan ina hionadaí do thoghlach ina bhfuil an Danmhairg, Éire, an Liotuáin agus Iar-Phoblacht Iúgslavach na Macadóine.

    Agus é ag fógairt an ainmniúcháin, dúirt an tAire: