Financial Snapshot



Total Savings and Loans

  • Savings with credit unions remained resilient through the financial crisis and are now above pre-crisis levels.
  • Loan volumes have declined from a peak of €7.3bn to €4bn, this is set against a backdrop of deleveraging across the Irish economy.
  • Overall loan to asset ratio stood at 26% at end-2015.


Loan Arrears > 9 Weeks   

  • Loans over nine weeks in arrears increased significantly from 7% in 2006 to 20% in 2012.  Since 2012 arrears have declined to 11% at mid-2016.


Average Regulatory Reserve Ratio

  • The Regulatory Reserve Requirement in a credit union is at least 10% of the assets of the credit union.
  • The average Regulatory Reserve Ratio continues to strengthen and stood at 16% at end-2015.