Interchange Fees

The Interchange Fee Regulation was published in the Official Journal of the EU on 19 May 2015 and entered into force in June 2015.  It introduces a new set of business rules for payment card schemes along with caps for the interchange fees charged on all card transactions.  It aims to create a payments environment which will nurture competition, innovation and security to the benefit of all stakeholders and consumers in particular.

Public Consultation

A public consultation was run regarding the possible use of the national discretions contained within the Regulation.  The Consultation ran from 19 May 2015 to 10 June 2015. In all, 20 written submissions were received. 

A copy of this public consultation can be found here: Interchange Fee Regulation Consultation

Responses to consultation can be found below


AvantCard Submission

BPFI Submission

Barry Group Submission

Chambers Ireland Submission

Coxs Cash and Carry Submission

CSNA Submission

GFK Investments Submission

Retail Ireland Submission

AEX Consulting Submission

MasterCard Submission

Murphys Cash and Carry Submission

Musgraves Submission

Padraic Tuffy Limited Submission

Diners Club Submission

Retail Excellence Ireland Submission

RGDATA Submission

SFA Submission

Stone House Submission

SuperValu Carrickmacross Submission

VISA Submission

Minister’s Decisions:

Following the Public Consultation, the Minister made decisions on the options, his decisions can be read here:


S.I. No. 550 of 2015

S.I. No. 292 of 2016