Exchequer Monthly Developments



The Exchequer Tax Databank contains data on Exchequer tax receipts since 1984 and annual profiles since 2004. The Databank can be acessed at http://databank.finance.gov.ie/.


Note:  Excludes expenditure which has no impact in general Government terms


Note:  Excludes Revenue which has no impact in general Government terms

Exchequer Statements

The Exchequer Statement covers the cash inflows and outflows of Central Government’s main treasury account, the Central Fund.  Revenue items include tax receipts, non-tax revenues and capital receipts.  Expenditure is composed of Departmental spending and non-voted expenditures such as debt servicing costs.  Recently, the transparency and presentation of the Exchequer Returns has been enhanced with the addition of the Analytical Presentation and gross voted expenditure documentation.  Exchequer Statements are produced within two workings days of month end.





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